Monday, 24 March 2014

I already said it all on instagram but for posterity...

So yeah I was an idiot yesterday morning and splashed a bit of skim milk into my coffee. I thought it would be fine! People on the internet said it would be ok! 

Nope. It was not. 

During the next three hours at work I just felt worse and worse, ended up with chills and a headache and a terrible burning/can't breathe feeling in my side, all sweaty and unable to focus on anything. It was a Sunday afternoon and I knew the doctor's office closed at four so I called them right away from work and asked whether they had my ultrasound tests ready yet and they did. So I left work and took two million two long-ass bus rides there, feeling totally shitty. 

The doctor I saw was really cool. He used to be a surgeon and knew a heck of a lot about gall bladder disease. The ultrasound scan was totally normal (I was not expecting that) so no gallstones, which is a plus. So yeah, the next thing is more tests and in the meantime Tylenol 3 for the weird pains. And NO FATS OF ANY KIND in my diet. When will I learn?

He recommended for me to read a biography of an explorer whose name I totally forgot, it was a guy who was in ... I want to say the arctic. But he wanted me to read it because in the guy's journal there was descriptions of the way his side felt one night, he thought he was dying but it turns out he had gallstones. haha I don't know, I thought it was cool that my doctor was giving me reading recommendations. 

But okay so all that happened, I picked up my prescription at the adjoining pharmacy and was walking home. I texted Ryan about having gone to the doctor and he wrote back immediately "which doctor's office?" which I thought was weird. I said where and that I was almost home already and he didn't answer. 

I got to the house and the car was running, empty, in the driveway with the driver's side door wide open. And then Ryan came out saying he had to take the youngest kid to the doctor right away because he had a really bad earache. So they rushed off, we basically tag teamed the doctor's office. 

Get this. It turns out the poor kid had gotten a really bad inner ear infection while visiting his mom (they just got back to our place a day ago) and his fucking ear drum ruptured while they were at the doctor's. So there is actually blood (and lymph and other stuff) leaking out of his ear. You do not want to see blood leaking out your ears, you guys. According to the kid you can hear it moving. Ewww

So now we have so many pill bottles and whiny people in the house. 


In other news I am training a new girl today at work for the reception position 2 days a week when I'm off. So that's exciting. It's so hard to explain to somebody how to do the job though ... a lot of it is learn-as-you go, just be friendly and don't scare people away basically.

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