Thursday, 6 March 2014

learning to paint - it's hard!

Painting is now my go-to thing to do now when I have spare time. It's a fun creative outlet and you have something to show for it when you're finished which is very satisfying. I've been watching every single episode of Parks and Recreation and trying my best not to make ugly paintings inside a little moleskine book. There's just something about having a nondescript little black notebook filled with pretty pages that really appeals to me.

I've been making a LOT of stuff. The non-embarrassing ones are the only things that make it to Instagram or beyond, and I'm not brave enough to post them here yet either, although I may eventually, once I get a larger body of okay work together. I know that what I've got here is not technically complicated, I'm using this first book just to get the feel of the paints and brushes, if that makes sense.

 Full disclosure, I cannot draw ANYTHING EVER, so all the animal pictures and tattoo flash have been traced. My greatest "successes" so far have happened when I trace a picture, add cool shapes to the background and paint the whole thing. I'm going to show you only the ones I'm not mortified by. Even though I have screwed up nearly every pattern I've done in some way. 

Three final things: 

1. All these are watercolor on non-watercolor paper except the "surprise" one, that's acrylics ... on the same paper. haha 

2. That yin yang thing is from a suuuuuper cheesy tattoo flash sheet we have at the shop. I've been kind of obsessed with it ever since I laid eyes on it.

3.An interesting thing happened when I posted that last painting of the butterfly on Instagram. Not three hours later a tattoo artist I know who does not work with me ALSO posted a picture of some tattoo flash he was working on that happened to have the exact same shapes inside animals. What a weird coincidence, right?

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