Saturday, 8 March 2014

some new blogs I'm into

 Because where else do you post selfies if not on your personal blog?

Bloglovin' makes finding new blogs easy, if you choose one blog you enjoy you can click on "similar blogs". They are not actually similar, but they're the ones that are followed by the same people. For example, my "similar blogs" area is pretty impressive, it's lumping me in with some pretty big names even though I have NOTHING in common with those people other than our followers.

Anyway so I kind of went through, following the "similar blogs" chain and hitting follow almost at random. You have two or three original blog post titles? Sure, I'll give them all a go and see what sticks. Many are falling flat, they're just copying memes and doing boring link-ups every week, but there are a few gems I've sifted out of the rubble.

So if you're looking for something new to read, I think you should check out ...

The Daily Tay - She's a stand-up comedian who just started filming a pilot for a reality show about comedians. She's a fantastic writer and has a really awesome dog named Harlow too.

The Londoner - beautiful photos, beautiful writing, beautiful people. It may just be that I'm super into the photos of Thailand but I get excited every time I see she's posted something new.

Head High Heart Strong - I've been following Maddie for a while now but lately she's been traveling all over South America and every blog post she puts up kicks me right in the wanderlust.

and for the nerds, I Fucking Love Science - scientific findings written about in layman's terms.

Now I need to find a "world politics for dummies" type blog and I'm set.


Note: I wrote this a few days ago and am just posting it now, one of these blogs has since written something not so awesome and kind of lost me. That's the way it goes. Still thought I'd share it. 

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