Tuesday, 18 March 2014

super photo heavy post

Taking twenty photos per day is really fun. It's a small enough number to be easily attained, but it's a big enough number to get some decent photos out of the bunch. While taking this group of photos I accidentally mashed a bunch of buttons and changed the settings on my camera without realizing it (?), so each photo was saved at 640 pixel width which is ... well actually the exact size I make photos to fit onto my blog which is convenient I suppose. But there's no room for editing. So a lot of these, you'll notice, are very crooked or off-center or blurry as fuck because I tried to crop them a bit.

Anyway bla bla bla here's what my mid-March looked like. I really feel like the proportion of time I spend on the bus is represented well here. And yes, we do have TWO hockey nets. IDK. Canada eh?

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