Friday, 21 March 2014

update on my gall bladder!

Yeah so it looks like I'm not getting the rest of my side tattoo finished any time soon. :(


I know, I know, you are all waiting on the edges of your seats to find out what's wrong with my stupid bile storage bladder. Well, basically ... I don't know yet! It's a waiting game full of not eating cheese and feeling a weird feeling sometimes in my side.

I'm actually not that sad about the cheese, I don't know why I keep mentioning it. I've been looking for a second reason to quit the dairy for a while. First reason being I HATE contributing to the suffering of animals. But that's a whole other blog post...we were talking about my organs.

Yesterday morning I got up at the usual 7am after hitting snooze since 6:30 and fed the dog. As he was eating I put together a delicious smelling pot of coffee and turned on my computer and let the dog out as it brewed. The phone rang at about 7:30. It was the ultrasound place downtown saying they had a spot for me at 8:45 if I hadn't eaten or drank drinked drunk? (WHAT IS THE PAST TENSE OF DRINK?!?!?!) anything yet. Which I hadn't. I was all "OKAY" panic panic panic.

Luckily my handsome smart loving awesome caring compassionate sexy awesome fantastic witty hilarious love of my life didn't mind agreed to gave in to my begging and drove me out there even though it was his only kid-free complete day off like, ever,  and he was really looking forward to sleeping in for once and not doing anything for anybody. What a sweetheart, right?

So yeah, I got an ultrasound and it was weirdly like what I imagine going to a spa is like. The front desk people were a bunch of lovely older ladies, there was calming music playing, and when I finally was called into the room a hippie-ish woman had the lights dimmed and I got to lay on a nice comfy padded chair. And contrary to what movies will have you believe, the gel on the wand/camera thingy was not cold. It was actually almost too warm which was just as surprising.

She had me lay on my back and said I could watch the screen if I wanted. I really didn't want to. There's only so much thinking about my own insides I can do before I feel a bit squeamish. But on the other hand it is pretty interesting. So I looked whenever she labelled something for me. Like "see that big light grey thing? That's your liver." Then I'd look for a second and go "oh yeah!" to be polite. But I am NOT into watching my own heart beating. That's too weird. And I didn't want my freaking out about it to cause my pictures to come out weird because my heart was beating faster out of panic. Can that happen? I don't know. I closed my eyes whenever my heart came into the picture.

She kept making me hold my breath for a REALLY long time while lying on my side. It must move the lungs out of the way.  And she showed me my gall bladder and I don't know but I think there were darker shapes in the lighter shape? Gallstones? Anyway I didn't like seeing them either so I looked away.

When we were finished ... well for those of you who haven't had an ultrasound they hand you some towels and tell you to clean yourself up... awkwarrrd. If you know what I'm sayin'.

I haven't really done any of this stuff before on my own, like, health care stuff. So I didn't know what I was supposed to do when we were done. I handed back my gel-covered towels, pulled my sweater down, collected my things and kind of stood there for a second. Then I said "Um. So...I've never...done this before. What ... uh .... do ... I do now? Do I just leave?"

Luckily she was nice and didn't act like I was an idiot. She said yeah I could just leave and I should hear back from my doctor's office in a couple days, but if I don't then call them next week.

And that was that.

So here I am. Waiting now.

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