Tuesday, 15 April 2014

instagrams of late, aka "check out my cool life"

 Yes, there's a new and improved stencil wall in the new shop's bathroom for those who were upset we are leaving the old one behind.

 I wore some pretty short shorts onto the bus and downtown yesterday. Nobody else was wearing shorts and everybody was flat-out staring and openly talking about my legs. It was really awkward. Won't be doing that again until the weather is too hot to handle full pants.

A night in, watching The Simpsons and trying to fill the notebook Ryan got me for Christmas with paintings.

 These are Tank's best begging moves.

 My day off looks a lot like my night in. Sweatpants, paints and The Simpsons. Oh and I watched the movie Suburbia, what a nightmare. Terrible acting with an undercurrent of homophobia, racism and sexism!

 Saw this while walking through a McDonald's parking lot.

 A German friend visiting from Switzerland and a guy I work with having a little tattoo party. These were the first tattoos done in the new shop!

Setting up, hanging a billion paintings and flash. Still unpacking boxes. We open tomorrow!

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