Monday, 12 May 2014

It's another "Nova's health" post, skip if you want. But it's (semi) good news.

On Saturday I was still feeling dizzy and like I wasn't breathing normally and decided hey, it's pretty stupid to just hope "not breathing right" will go away on its own, so halfway through the workday (after talking to both Ryan and my boss and them saying YES you should absolutely go) I went to the emergency room. 

They were all so nice and fast and amazing there, seriously. I felt so taken care of, and not in a patronizing way. The nurse who first talked to me was this hilarious dude, he reminded me a lot of the nurse from The Mindy Project , Morgan which was kind of surreal. He even looked a bit like him, but more like...a real (and capable) person. The doctor I saw was a very kind and thorough woman, and I actually felt like she was listening to me, not like ... well, any doctor I've seen in years tbh.

Anyway I was there for about four hours in total and got results back from that CT scan I had the other day, a urine sample, a blood sample and a chest x-ray all in that time, it was pretty incredible. Plus any question I had was answered and didn't feel stupid or like I didn't belong there/was wasting their valuable time, again, unlike pretty much any doctor I've seen since I've moved to BC.

Because I was in a lot of waiting rooms around the hospital, (emergency intake, then the ambulatory patient waiting room, then the x-ray waiting room) I also saw far too many broken bones and gardening accidents, the worst being a man who stuck his hand into a running lawnmower, nooooo. He was surprisingly cool about it, even when the funny nurse started referring to him as "lawnmower man".

Here's some pictures I took in the x-ray waiting room. I couldn't stop thinking "oh that'd make a great photo" ... I really need a camera you guys, I'm so bummed I can't take all the pictures I want to. The last one is me demonstrating that I don't know how to tie a hospital gown properly and I've had to do it three times this week. I always walk out of the change room like ... "welp, you can't see my boobs so good enough".  Also, why do they have a mirror in the x-ray changing booths? haha weirdos.

So long story short the results said I was a little bit dehydrated and ... well, nothing else. Every single test I've had says I'm totally healthy. Which is a huge relief. No tumors, no inflammation, no blood clots in my lungs, nothing weird. 

The doctor I saw said that she hated to diagnose anxiety and it's the last thing she ever says to patients, but she thinks I have some kind of panic disorder and that's what the dizziness and breathing thing is. So...there's that. I should get that taken care of. Any advice? I know the internet is full of anxiety. How do you bring it up with your doctor? What are the medications like? What's your story?

As far as all the weird pains in my abdomen...well it's still a mystery but this doctor thinks it's probably a stomach or digestion issue of some kind. So...that's okay. It's not pancreatic cancer, the possibility of which, I can now admit, was freaking me the fuck out, like, a lot.

I can deal with an ulcer or some kind of GI issue, no worries. Well, a few worries but damn I'll happily take 45 pills a day for the rest of my life and never drink alcohol or eat spices again if it means I don't have to have surgery or an incurable disease.

All in all I am glad I went.

Oh one last thing. When I was checking in at the front desk I noticed a price chart for non-Canadian residents. Ho-ly shit things are expensive. I have literally never been more grateful to have the health care we have. All these tests would have run me somewhere around ten thousand dollars but it was free for me. I can't imagine how people in other countries do it. I wouldn't have gone to the doctor at all I bet.We really have it good here in Canada. 


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