Saturday, 17 May 2014

It's hard to know how to feel about some things.

I was at work yesterday and logged in to Facebook. (For work! I swear! We have a Facebook page and I was uploading tattoo pictures!)
My um ... ex-step-dad (?? I don't know, my mom's second husband from whom she is currently separated and about to divorce?) ... well anyway, he's Jaden's (full) dad, and he posted a photo of a gravestone with a caption that said something about hoping this would bring some closure but it didn't. Later that day my sister sent me some more photos of her, my mom and my brother visiting it too.

Remember in the winter when I was trying to find Jaden's burial site and couldn't because it was snowy? Well it was also because there was no headstone placed yet. I guess they had to wait for the ground to thaw out or something, or maybe it took nearly a year to have made. I don't know how these things work.

The one they chose is gorgeous. It looks like it's made of marble, it has a poem about god only lending a child to a family for a while that my mom really likes inscribed on the front, it has a photo of Jaden in his hockey gear, it has candle holders ... that are currently being used as Twisted Tea holders (because he was just at that age where you experiment with alcohol and those were his favorites). The name, Richards (not my last name for all you stalkers out there) has a fishing rod beside it because he loved going fishing.

I am glad it's there, he deserves to have a beautiful strong thing,  a reminder for the ages of youth and joy and to appreciate your loved ones because they can be taken from you in a night.

I'm also really missing my family today.

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