Thursday, 8 May 2014

May Links 2 plus Ryan's Star Wars tattoo from May 4.

For anyone who was curious, here's Ryan's newest tattoo, hahahaha. It's on his inner thigh, just above and to the side of the knee. The picture does the colors no justice, as per usual ipod photo standards.

It's by Kyle Carter, you should come get tattooed by him. Yes, you.


The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys are incredible!



And finally...two things I bought myself lately. I got this vintage patch from Littibits, it was a one-off but they have a TON of other really cool/hilarious patches there if that's your thing.

And I also got myself this super weird optical illusion notebook. It's only $4.50 and I'm crazy about it. It's from DubuDumo. I've seriously found all the coolest stationary in online shops based out of South Korea. So now my biggest stereotype about Koreans is that every single person is as big a stationary nerd as I am.



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