Friday, 2 May 2014

Right now

I've only got fifteen minutes to type this morning because of two jobs and all that, but I thought I'd check in. Over the past week or so I wrote out a couple posts that are sitting in my drafts, never to see the light of day, probably. At least not without heavy editing.

Our septic pump stopped working yesterday. We had a guy come check out our situation and he not only said we needed a brand new one (our warranty just expired early this year) but we also didn't have a regulation tank cover (because the regulations have changed over the past five years) and we also need new electrical leading out to the pump as well. So there is a surprise! $1300 to spend on shit management. It's the kind of thing you want done immediately and correctly so yeah, we'll pay. Gladly.

I had just about saved up enough money to buy myself a new camera. Welp. Guess that's not happening.

On the other hand I went and got my taxes done, and through the magic of writing off student loan interest payments and some kind of weird school fee tax credit (which the poor lady explained as simply as she could but I still just didn't get it) I did not have to pay $800 like I thought I was going to.Yay!

Healthwise, I'm still doing ... okay. I guess. I have a CT scan booked for next week to look at my mystery pain in my chest/back. In the meantime I'm sitting here Googling "prescription pain killer addiction" and stuff like that, not because I think that's happening to me but just to have an idea of what it looks like. I've known a lot of drug addicts in my time and I am not going to become one over a little chest pain (haha).

And those four small paragraphs took me 12 minutes to write. Here's life via instagram. 

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