Friday, 20 June 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part 1 - OSM

Introducing a new feature...where I talk about myself a lot. I'm going to post one of my tattoos every once in a while, tell you who did it and maybe a thing or two about why I chose it or where it comes from or whatever. I decided that the more positive info out there on the internet about tattoos the better.

So here we go, part one of many.

This was just the first one I could find a decent photo of. OSM. So when he was a little guy, one of Ryans kids thought you spelled "awesome" like that, and "osm" became kind of an inside joke for us for a long time.

One day I was at work and Cody Walsh (who worked at Tattoo Zoo for a couple years) had some time. I got this and another small jokey tattoo at the same time from him.

Now I guess I'll give my regular spiel on side-of-finger tattoos. A lot of tattoo artists won't do them or hate to do them because of their survivability. The skin on the side of your finger is ... well, kind of weird. You can't predict how the tattoo will turn out, or how it will look in a few years. Bits of it can fall right out, or the ink can spread or "blow out" (A blueish haze appears around the tattoo area).

You can even see on mine, which is a kind of best-case scenario, on the corners and very bottom of the M, the left side of the O and the bottom curve of the S it's spread. And some of the ink dropped out a bit on the bottom of the O. When I had it done it looked completely even and nearly perfect. And like I said, that's a best-case scenario there.

So that's the story of the OSM middle finger tattoo.

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