Friday, 27 June 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part two - snake...plant guy thingy on the side of my knee

I just got this guy yesterday!

So at my work every artist has their regular portfolio and they also have a book called "wannados" ... stuff they "wanna do". Mason (prairietats) LaRose drew up a bunch of really awesome snake-flower hybrids, even painted them. We have the flash on the wall of the shop...wait I think he posted a picture on Instagram.

Yup here it is before he put any background on it.

Anyway this weird thing caught my eye and I instantly claimed it as my own. DIBS ON THE WEIRDEST ONE. And basically I just wrote myself into the appointment book and voila. Tattooed.

So this one is on the side of my knee and wraps around to the "ditch" as we call it. The bendy inner knee area. Which ... um ... hurts a lot to get tattooed. I was bracing for absolutely horrifying pain but it was bearable. I wasn't really able to hold a conversation while getting the very end of the tail tattooed, the rest was ok. 

It was funny, the other receptionist at Tattoo Zoo was also getting tattooed yesterday, and it was just us two as "customers" and the two artists, so whenever anybody came in we would all take turns talking to them. I think they were wondering why the customers knew so much about booking appointments.

The craziest thing about getting this tattoo was that Mason made the stencil straight from his original drawing and other than one leaf, the thing fit absolutely perfectly around all my weird shaped tattoos. It was like he had taken a tracing and drew it for me but he didn't! It's a super strange coincidence. That snake was made for my leg.

 The stencil.

When we were finished we kept it unwrapped for a few minutes so he could get a good photo of it not bleeding, and in that time the very back of my knee swelled up disgustingly, it looked as though I had an egg under my skin! Blech. You can kind of see it in the first photo, he got it at a good angle though so it doesn't look so nasty.

So that's the story about this tattoo. It's really fun writing these posts. You guys should write your own, we can do some kind of tattoo post linkup or something. 

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