Sunday, 1 June 2014

June Links 1

Let's start this links thing off with some cute little dummies.



How writing for the TV show Community cured me. (article)
You get to choose your story. (blog post)
I want to see Hobbiton. (blog post)
Alice, a New Zealander, tries to guess what words in South African slang mean. (video)
How to become an astronaut. (article)
Why are 23.4 million people watching The Big Bang Theory? (article)
One thing every blogger should know. (blog post)
The vocal ranges of the world's best singers. (infographic)
I'm raising a vegan child. My younger cousin decided to be vegetarian at a very young age for the same reasons and her parents were cool enough to respect her decision too. (article)
I'm not an angry feminist, I'm a furious one. (article)
Men/Boys/Kissing. (blog post)
If pop songs were works of fiction. (images)
It's Adventure Time! (article)
Reddit user Unidan describes what would happen if different insects decided to kill humans. AAAH (reddit)
Seth Rogan and Snoop smoke weed and recap Game of Thrones. (video)
Why red M&Ms disappeared for a decade. (article)


Hey, did you ever wonder what happens to a caterpillar inside the chrysalis that turns it into a butterfly? It's semi-gross but give this a listen! It gets a bit weirdly religious for some reason but there's a lot of cool information.Yeah.





Oh yeah, I almost forgot to give you some Simpsons-themed nightmares.

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