Thursday, 19 June 2014

Reading in 2014 - Book Fourteen - Worst Person Ever by Douglas Copeland

Yeah more like worst book ever. 

Sorry Doug Copeland. It's hard for me to write mean things about his writing because he is somewhat of a local hero novelist. Buuuut you know what? This book was terrible. 

It's ... it's like a nice guy tried really hard to write a dickhead character and fell very very far from the mark. Also it's a Canadian man trying to write in a British accent (?). It all felt really forced. And the main character was meant to be unlikable, I get that. It's just ... there's racism and sexism and Anti-Americanism and all sorts of isms just thrown out there ... no depth ... stilted dialogue ... blah. 

I quit after forcing myself to read 1/3 of this atrocity. 1/10, do not bother.

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