Monday, 9 June 2014

right this second

That's your pintrest wisdom of the day. I actually really like it, as far as "inspiring" quotes go. So right now I'm sitting on the dog couch with a luke-warm cup of strong coffee diluted with a lot of soy milk (my compromise with my stomach, I will not quit coffee but I will make it a semi-unrecognizable tan-colored soy flavored mesclado).

Ryan's got a radio station streaming rather loudly on his laptop, he's addicted to calling in and winning shitty CDs. He wins a lot. Just play the odds with these things, you're guaranteed to win eventually. I used to enter every single blog giveaway under the same principle and I won a lot of things from a lot of Etsy shops.Oh he just informed me he's not playing for a CD this time, it's for tickets to the Pemberton music festival. Potato potahto.

There's a dog drooling everywhere on the couch beside me. I think he was eating grass again out in the yard. I know all dogs do this but it's perplexing behavior to me. Anyway he just came over and basically demanded all my love. When he feels sick he turns into the biggest baby. I took pictures of him until he got annoyed and left, to basically Siberia. The other side of the couch. I wiped his face on his blanket, hopefully he stops drooling soon because once he gets going it's pretty gross.

Look at that grumpy face.  In the last frame he's outta here. haha

This morning I applied for thirteen jobs, all of which are support positions at the college and university, most of them are part-time but whatever just give me money and work. Needless to say, they all pay ridiculously well. So once again, wish me luck!

Work has been good, speaking of jobs. There was a lot of weird drama ever since we moved the shop but the people who were unhappy are gone and the people who are happy stayed, and once again it's a nice place to be. Sometimes people just self-destruct and there's nothing you can do to help them, it's better they just go do it somewhere else.

So that's me right this second. Now to find something to wear. It's cloudy, windy and muggy, that weird combination of too hot and chilly at the same time. Hmm.

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