Wednesday, 2 July 2014

a whirlwind

It went like this:

Ryan's car, ferry, bus, train, walking, seeing friends, hanging out with friends, dinner with friends, Nick Cave concert, friend's car, sleeping at friend's house, waking up at friend's house, walking, sea bus, train, bus, ferry, Ryan's car, home. All in under 24 hours. I think I spent more time on various vehicles than I did off!

So I borrowed Ryan's little outdated grainy-photo-taking Canon Powershot SD1100IS Elph and ... these are the photos I took of that entire time.

This picture just came out this color, no idea why. I didn't edit anything except the size on all of these. Anyway this is the ferry, it was pretty empty. Well, empty enough for me to be able to take a shot like this and make it look as though I was the only person on this ghost ship.

 I took this shot to test whether or not I actually knew how to turn the flash off on Ryan's camera. As I was taking this there was "an incident" aboard the ferry. I missed what actually happened but overheard a bunch of the cafeteria staff talking about what they should do about a man who was causing trouble. I followed their worried gazes over to the window and saw a total tweaker-looking crackhead guy freaking out, and numerous large security looking dudes converging on the scene.

So yeah, this is a vending machine on the ferry. In case you just really needed to purchase a five hundred dollar camera at the spur of the moment. I wish I could have!

This is The Orpheum in Vancouver, where I saw the Nick Cave show. Isn't it fancy??? I felt a little under dressed in my sweaty armpits t-shirt and my wrinkly trousers and my smelly shoes. Woops. Luckily everybody was far too enraptured to notice someone like me.

Well a couple drunk guys noticed me, I was looking down at my ticket trying to figure out which door to enter to find my seat and they came over asking me if they could help me find anybody. (But in a flirty innuendo type of way.) It surprised me so much and was actually really funny, I burst out laughing and said no, I'm good.

She's still got it!

 Told you this camera sucks. The crowd was a funny mix of 20 year old punks and 60 year old couples.

Okay and these last two pictures I took this morning on the bus back out to the ferry. The girl sitting in front of me had a hilariously awesome Golden Girls tattoo on her back, complete with Betty White's signature. Ha!

 I've been trying unsuccessfully to upload a little video to instagram as well of Mark Lanegan singing The Weeping Song with Nick Cave but it just keeps crashing everytime I try. Anyway Mark fucking Lanegan sang with Nick fucking Cave. So yeah. Here's a video of it I found that a stranger took. The sound sucks but there's proof it happened anyway.

And then he came right out into the crowd. Like INTO the crowd. Climbing over seats and shit. Here's another stranger's video as proof.

Check it at about 3:25. He ended up pretty near where I was, I was kind of panicking, like what do I do if he comes over here? Do I put my hands in the air? Do I try to get a high five or something? Do I stand there? Do I try to sing along? What if I don't know the words and the microphone comes close to my face and I say something stupid? Do I try to touch his shirt? What if it's grossly sweaty?

Anyway he didn't come near me so none of that happened but still. Close call.

Here's a couple instagram pics I took.

Bla bla bla So You Think You Can Dance is on so I have to post this now, hopefully it doesn't need any editing but I don't care bye

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