Monday, 21 July 2014

Hot tunes. But seriously. My cousin is a babe.

This is my cousin Sam and she is awesome. When she was a little kid, and I mean LITTLE, she found out that meat is made of dead animals and then and there became vegetarian for life. Her parents, of course, were also cool for respecting that decision, but to me having that much conviction at that young of an age is impressive.

She has always been just a straight up nice person and has always gotten along with my gang of siblings really well. You know how sometimes your cousins are weird and you don't like family gatherings because of it? Well it's the opposite with Sam, we always look forward to hanging out with her.

Lately she's become a woman. Big time. She introduced me to Kopi Luwak, the cat-poop coffee, last year. She started wearing lipstick and hats, she formed a band and has been singing and playing guitar around Calgary. She's just ... a really cool chick. And her band's album just dropped today.

I've never heard her sing before, so let me tell you, my jaw dropped when I gave this a listen.

Anyway I know everyone online is always like "check out my friend's band" and you're like "yeah yeah whatever" and skip away into the sunset (or click away to Facebook) but really, if you're into experimental rock, pretty girl voice singing, synth sounds, guitar sounds, nice music, something you could paint to or just want to hear what Nova's cousin sounds like while singing, PLEASE go give 'er a listen for a sec. And if you like it buy it!!

I'll totally be your best friend if you buy it. I promise. Or like them on Facebook here. That'll also get you a ticket to the best friend show.

And if you literally only  have 30 seconds, my favorite track is the second one, Advent. So try that one out. Omega's super cool too. And then come back and tell me how much you loved it.

Just look at this girl, tell me you don't love her already!! 

I really honestly wish her and her band huge success, they're great people and deserve everything they get.

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