Friday, 11 July 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part four - krampus/devil

Hell yeah I love this one. I originally wanted a straight-up Krampus, like from one of the old greeting cards, but I wasn't sure I wanted a full-body picture of him because it'd have to be HUGE to get any cool details in. So I started doing a bunch of research and found a ton of really great traditional devil heads. I handed literally a stack of papers to Kyle Carter (who worked for Tattoo Zoo for about four years) and asked him just to do something cool with the tongue sticking out so it was still Krampus-y.


There are two funny stories about getting this one. First of all I was really broke at that point in time and after I got the devil tattoo I went straight to the bank to take out twenty bucks and my remaining balance was 6.66 dollars. Dun dun dunnnn. I instagrammed it.

Secondly, this tattoo is on my upper thigh/side butt area. I was wearing short ADIDAS gym shorts to the appointment and thought it'd be fine if I just wore them home afterward. So he used masking tape and meat-packing soaker bandages and taped me up. I walked the five blocks to the bus stop and as I was standing there I felt something running down my leg. I looked and ... rivets of blood were dripping out of my shorts! Sooooo gross.

So I ran back to the shop, which was now closed and locked up, I let myself back in and re-bandaged everything and put on a pair of emergency sweat pants I had brought along just in case. And I missed the bus because of it which made it a REALLY long day.

Getting tattooed is gross sometimes.

Oh yeah, speaking of gross, um, you wanna see a bruise? 

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