Friday, 25 July 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part Six - Let It Rain, Let It Shine

Still bleeding in these photos. 

I got this on kind of a whim from my boss, mister Gerry Kramer. He had done a painting that was pretty similar to the tattoo and I just loved the banner, I had never seen one done like that, with the words showing through on the back and thought it was cool. So I asked if I could have it in a tattoo and he said yes.

I think in the original painting the banner is wrapped around an umbrella but it wouldn't fit properly into the space so we just made it a cloud, he ended up just drawing it on with a sharpie. Aaaand voila. A lot of my tattoos have very similar stories...basically I liked the picture so I got a tattoo of it. The end.

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