Saturday, 12 July 2014

It all started because I wanted some all-black shoes.

I, Nova, must confess to you all ... I went on a ridiculous shopping spree. At the mall. In teenager stores.

It all started pretty innocuously, I went to this awesome store called Baggins Shoes (not in the mall). Tired of feeling embarrased of my grey and pink New Balance old man sneakers, I was determined to get myself some all-black Vans and I knew they would have them. They have SOOOOOO many styles of Vans and Converse. Best. Shoe store. Ever.

I was prepared to spend around a hundred bucks on shoes and the ones I wanted were in the fifty range...and so were another pair of suuuuper cute Vans I have never seen before. So I tried them both and bought them immediately. I was in and out of there in ten minutes flat with two brand new pairs of non-dorky shoes.

I was feeling good. I thought to myself that maybe I should just go have a look at Urban Planet for fun, they always seem to have stuff I like and I was off work super early and had nothing else to do. AAAAAND then I bought everything in the entire mall because they also have that ridiculous Ardene store and I can't resist hilarious five dollar shirts. Three for fifteen bucks? YES I WILL GET THREE. Five pairs of silly socks for ten dollars? I WILL GET TEN. Anyway check out all my new stuff.

1. The cute Vans
2. All the stupid socks, a 3/4 sleeve crop top that says "THE END 00", a crop top that says West Coast Panthers and is awesome, and a normal fitting t-shirt that says "LEAVE ME ALONE" 
3. Some amazing floral shorts that I totally love. I may go back and get more of these. Tank approves. And I also got three different colors of the tank top I'm wearing.
4. A polka-dot jumper (the picture doesn't make it look as cute as it actually is), the shoes that started it all, a short short short crop top that makes my boobs look amazing and ANOTHER crop top that says "young and free" and has an eagle on it, haha. 

No idea why I thought I would wear so many short shirts but there you go. I have enough to outfit a small army so I'd better figure it out.

I wore the pink and stripy shoes out for a walk with Tank with no socks and oh hey, guess what, I got contact dermatitis pretty much instantly. I forgot that about Vans and my toes. There's something about the chemical dyes they use that gets my skin very angry. So I actually woke up in the middle of the night with the itchiest toes in the universe and this morning they're bright red and swollen. Quite unattractive.

So. Definitely wearing socks with those shoes forever.

I'm not usually one for shopping sprees but I have to be honest, it was pretty fun. And I wonder if that's my anxiety medication doing its job. I didn't feel like it was the end of the world when I couldn't pull a pair of shorts over my big butt in the change room. I didn't worry that everyone in the entire mall was staring at me or that the cashiers thought I was too old to try on a floral crop top. I just did my own thing and had fun by myself.

I call that a win.

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