Tuesday, 8 July 2014

reality TV - yeah I watch it

I don't even think of myself as a reality show fan, but after reading this post by Jade I started thinking about it and ... yeah. I watch a lot of reality TV! These are some of my favorite reality shows:

Masterchef (USA)

Hell yes. I don't even care. This show rules.  I only specified the USA bit because I haven't seen any from the other countries, but I'm sure I'd get into those as well. There's got to be something about the way it's set up...because I don't give a shit about cooking or food related things but every week I'm right into it, hating some contestants and cheering the others on.

And Joe, the thumbs down judge in the picture, is the best. I want to learn how to stare people down like he does.

Undercover Boss (USA)

This show is ... suuuuuuper cheesy. Basically the show tells employees of a ginormous company  (like 7-11 or the MGM Grand Casino) that they're filming a documentary about somebody trying out different jobs at the company. But really, the CEO is the guy they have to train. And he or she is there in disguise finding out what they could improve on from a regular employee's point of view.

I like it for two reasons. One, as someone who has worked at huge companies before that have ridiculous policies, (*cough* Safeway *cough*)  I have definitely wished a CEO would come see how stupid some of the rules are. And two, in the end the CEO always does something super nice for the people he or she meets and it's totally heartwarming.

So You Think You Can Dance

One of my all-time favorite reality shows.  Dancers are unbelievable. How do they learn so much choreography so fast? How do they do those things with their bodies?  I get right into it and pick favorites and make everyone shut up while the show is on. It's always on forever too, it's like a three hour show once they get the hour of commercials in there.

This show also shows a bazillion auditions at the beginning of every season, both good and terrible which is always fun to watch, like a trainwreck. Like this guy this season, oh my god I was cringing the entire time. Why is he so angry? 


Survivor was the first reality show I ever watched. My mom was super into it when I still lived at home and it became a thing we would get together to do every week. So it holds a special place in my heart. 

It's funny, I never mean to start watching a new season but it always just happens. As soon as I watch the first episode I go "Oh shit now I have to watch it to the very end." They've got the addictive reality formula down to a science at this point. 

American Pickers

These two guys go around to people's farms and old abandoned buildings and stuff and sift through all their old junk to find antiques worth any money. Then they haggle with the owners who are always unreasonable, and buy the stuff hoping to refurbish it and sell it in their store.

Ryan watches this one more than I do but if it's on and I walk into a room I will totally zone into it and be unable to leave until the show's over. I have to know how much they'll get that antique airplane propeller for! The guy just had it sitting in his barn, he has to sell it! What else is he gonna do with it?

Canadian Pickers

Okay, it's exactly the same idea as American Pickers only these guys are SO GOOFY. They live in Calgary (very close to where I grew up) and holy shit I almost cringe whenever the long haired guy talks. Come on, guys.

Still ... I'll watch it if it's on. Something about the hunt, it gets me.


I'm sure that's not all of them, but I can't think of any more off the top of my head. Do you watch reality TV? Come on, you can admit it. I won't judge you!

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