Monday, 7 July 2014

What's going on lately.

I tried embroidery for the first time the other day. It is actually really fun and since I made this flower of life patch I've done a couple other small designs on stuff around my house. I could really get into it, maybe I will. We'll see. It's killing me that I have to use my shitty instagram photos every time I want to illustrate something. I want a real camera SOOOO BAD. I miss mine like crazy. Every day I see fifty things I want to photograph.

Anyway, needless to say, these pictures do the actual patch I made no justice at all. 

Remember when I went to a horrible job interview like a year ago? The one where I was interviewed by a panel of four people at the college and totally bombed? Well guess what. I am training for that exact job tomorrow and the next day. I'm going to be their backup casual in the shipping/receiving department for when the two people who actually hold the position need to take holidays or call in sick. Awesome hey? I'm pretty stoked. It's *almost* like actually getting the job.

So tomorrow is going to be like starting a new job all over again. It's at the other campus, the one I never work at. It'll be all new people in a new building and all new responsibilities. It's only two days but I'm excited anyway.


My health seems to be improving more and more. Today I ate a big fat slice of vitamin cheesecake and didn't feel any pains. I do feel ridiculously full and fat but you know, that's what I get for eating a thousand calorie piece of cake all at once.

I can't tell you all what a relief it is to feel like I'm not getting worse, I'm getting better! Although I've had quite a few panic-y agoraphobia-y moments lately. For some reason my anxiety is still dialed up to eleven. Thanks to the SSRI I've been taking daily I am feeling generally less prone to being terrified when somebody looks at me but I still get a lot of abnormal freaky outy moments and also moments (or sometimes days) of varying levels of depression.

I guess it's just par for the course, it'd be better if I could afford a cognitive therapist probably but I can't so I'll just continue doing my best and slog my way through it. There are always good days too. They're not all bad.

Some Instagram explanations. 

  1. I have a pretty harsh mystery bruise on my thigh. 
  2. Someone egged the tattoo shop Saturday night and I (very angrily) cleaned it up Sunday morning. I was fuming. I learned that the best way to clean dried up nasty egg off windows and doors is just warm water and a sponge. Cleaning products did nothing but a little warm (not hot) water and it came right off
  3. I like the way my legs are looking. I super duper love heavily tattooed bodies and am very happy I'm getting so covered! 
  4. Me awkwardly modeling my new Nick Cave shirt. Isn't it cool? I guess you can't really see it anyway but here's the design if you care. It was drawn by Duke Riley, an artist and tattooer I think??

And uh...I've been hitting the library a lot.


So what have you been reading lately? Anything I should check out? LITERALLY. Get it? Check out? Libraries! Checking books out! 

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