Wednesday, 9 July 2014

When it's a million degrees and you wear jeans and boots to work.

I wasn't even posing, Ryan took this shot of me when I got home. I took my socks off and ... put them on my stomach? And then I died for twenty minutes and of course Tank's butt is in the shot because when is his butt not everywhere in the house?

I worked in the shipping/receiving department of the college bookstore yesterday and I'm going back today. I really like it, you guys. It's the first place I've worked where there are no customers involved since ... um ... probably 2004. Ten years of customers. Anyway it's so refreshing to just have a job and then you do it and that's all.

It's hard to explain unless you've worked in customer service as long as I have. Nobody is interrupting you a million times with stupid requests, you don't have to keep glancing up at the door to see if anybody is walking in, you don't have to be "on", you're not waiting around for someone to walk in the door so you have work, you don't have to stay late because some asshole decided two minutes to closing to grab 45 armloads of product, you can just take a coffee break whenever you want. You don't have to be nice to crazy or rude people.

The other day I was in the grocery store and there was a lady at the bakery counter just ... oh my god I wanted to slap her. She was such an idiot and the poor guy working there was so patient. I feel like I should have called and told his boss how awesome he is. I still might, actually.

Anyway she waited until the last minute to get a cake for a party or something and was super pissed off that they couldn't just bake off a cheesecake at 8pm. She was all like "what am I supposed to do now?" and the guy suggested she could buy one of the pre-made cheesecakes they had on display. She looked at them and literally said

"So. What's the lemon cheesecake?"

Like what does that even mean? What is she asking? Jesus christ I hate customers like that. The guy was so nice and basically explained how they make it and every ingredient in the damn thing. I would have said something like "What do you mean? It's lemon flavored cheesecake." haha

And then she goes "So. How many people will that feed?"

Okay. Um. What the fuck? It kind of depends on how many slices you cut it into, and how much every individual person can eat, doesn't it? This guy isn't some kind of magical party wizard mind-reader is he? No. He's the guy making ten bucks an hour to clean up after the bakers and serve weirdo customers like you.

Anyway I was outraged on behalf of the nice bakery man.

I hate people. They're the worst.

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