Sunday, 3 August 2014

15 random things.

1. Did you know you don't have to follow an entire blog on bloglovin? If you only enjoy one feature a person does and they have a label/category set up just for that specific feature, you can enter that into bloglovin and it will only show you when the thing you like is posted.


2. A couple weeks ago a crust punk kid said something to me that made me angry. I was wearing shorts and a tank top, aka exposing a lot of my tattoos, and he said in a really condescending judgmental way, "I like your armor". It instantly made me feel self-conscious and judged, and the more I thought about it the angrier it made me. Because don't we all have "armor" of some kind? A Versace suit? Armor. Bright red lipstick and heels? Armor. Sitting on a sidewalk in crust-punk gear holding a sign that says SAVE THE UNICORNS yelling at strangers like that guy was? Armor.

I just felt like what the fuck is this guy doing trying to ruin my day just because he thinks he knows why I look the way I look. I've been looking for him ever since, to tell him that. Don't know if I actually will say anything when I find him but I've got a whole speech prepared in my head in case I see him again.


3. That reminds me, I hate it when people say "I like your ___" when they are just trying to start a conversation about whatever it is, not giving you a pure compliment.


4. This episode of the Nerdist podcast had me laughing out loud on the bus, looking like a crazy person. AAAHHHH comedians are my favorite.I don't know what I'll do when I finally catch up on this podcast...I'm already at the 2013 episodes :( Any comedy podcast recommendations? I am definitely going to listen to all the Ricky Gervais ones and the Pete Holmes archives.


5. Yesterday a bus driver said to me "WHOA you've got like, a fortune of ink on you! How much..." and I interrupted him and said "I have the right friends I guess." I don't know why people think it's okay to ask how much money I've spent on tattoos but they do all the time. Should I have asked him how much bus drivers make?


This fuckin' guy. Good thing he's so cute.



7. I've been trying to get myself to make a doctor's appointment for days now but I can't seem to get myself to dial a phone number and say "I would like an appointment". I also have a very awesome friend I haven't talked to in months. And I haven't talked to my family since Christmas. Because I ... the phone ... I can't. I just can not. I hate you, anxiety.

This website is actually pretty great, check it out if you feel the same way.


8. One of the worst things for me about working so many days in a row is trying to get my flippin' lunches ready every day. UUUGH I hate packing a lunch. But I also hate when I do a bad job at packing a lunch and am stuck with things I don't really like. It's a struggle I tell ya.


9. Oh shit I'm going to a wedding in a few days and have nothing nice to wear. And the bride has expressed multiple times to me that she wants me to dress up hahaha. I guess I make a fairly ... casual ... impression on people.

I'm considering a maxi dress, I saw a few at Target I actually didn't hate the other day...of course they were all out of my size but at least I know I can pull one off. 


10. Do you have chores you absolutely hate doing for no reason? I used to loathe vacuuming but then we got a new vacuum and I kind of like it. But now I get SO MAD when I have to wipe other people's crumbs off the counter. Like disproportionately angry.And don't get me started on pairing up loose socks.

But conversely I totally don't mind doing gross jobs like cleaning the work bathroom or washing two-day-old dishes.


11. There is an insane ant problem in our neighborhood. A guy up the street was saying his house suddenly became overrun by ants, so he called an exterminator and the guy, loving his job so much, decided not only to kill the ants in the house but to discover their source. So he somehow followed the trail to the woods behind our houses and he discovered a six foot high anthill. And he said their underground network was CRAZY.

Since none of us own that land we couldn't hire him to take care of that place, so we're all keeping an eye on it.

Well, a few days ago we suddenly noticed a LOT of ants around our driveway. And not only normal walking ants, there were a bunch of flying ones too. I don't know if those are the same species or if there was a turf war going on or what but there were WAY too many. So off we went to buy horrible chemicals to murder an entire population.

And you know what? I felt pretty bad about it. I know we have to do it, but there's just some kind of over-sensitivity in me that feels like "who am I to extinguish that spark of life in any being?" I guess I'm a Buddhist at heart.

Then again, fuck those ants, get out of here! 

There's been none in our house so far, thank goodness.

But ... just in case they can read this,

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. 



12. I just realized I haven't worn a bathing suit this entire summer. Or seen a beach or swimming pool. That's ok, I hate beaches and swimming pools and the sun and heat. I'm such a cave dweller. Give me a good book and some quiet over a swim at a crowded beach any day.


13. I just found this blurry picture of headless Ryan and I from last summer, I kind of like it. I can't wait 'til I get a new camera! SOON. I'm almost there, almost got enough saved.


14. I've been noticing I look kind of old in some photos I've taken recently. Not like, OLD. But like, in my thirties. See? Look at my face, that lady is definitely not nineteen, you know?

Those eyes, they've seen some things. And you can just tell that I'm not easily impressed, just by my resting bitch face.


15. I thought about quitting blogging again yesterday. Because what if I didn't have this outlet? What would I do with that energy? The possibilities out there are astounding.

What if I wrote about crust punks and anxiety in my private diary? Maybe I'd get better at drawing.

Eh, I don't know. I think I"m just too busy to really appreciate it right now. If I knew my life was going to continue at this pace I'd seriously consider quitting, but I know in a few months it's going to slow back down to a crawl and I'll need this rich internet life I've created to help get me through the winter doldrums. 


And uh yeah,  that was some stuff.

The end.

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