Sunday, 31 August 2014

Blog Collage (links)

Ryan: What are you working on?
Me: Uh ... (typing) ... one sec.
Ryan: Are you making one of those ... blog collage things?
Me: Blog collage?
Ryan: I don't know what they're called!
Me: No, yeah, they're called "blog collage" now!


The more I look at this photo the more incredible it is. This is Roland the sea elephant (aka elephant seal) getting snow put on his tummy in the Berlin zoo in the 1920s. He lived until the '60s and when I was looking up elephant seals I found that he was actually kind of a small one, males generally grow up to 18 feet long. See more old zoo pictures on The Elephant Gate.

Thanks Messy Nessy - Caitlin  - Kaelah - Danielle - Gala

* For example, the diner people. Who goes all the way to freaking burning man, builds this functioning restaurant and then spends their time ... making grilled cheese and being a waitress? How is that ... fun?  I don't get it, guys.

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