Thursday, 7 August 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part eight: Meat grinder.

I got this tattoo from Dave Maier today! He's doing a couple week-long guest spot at Tattoo Zoo right now and brought along a cute sheet of funny Friday the 13th flash ... I was like "I want a meat grinder lol" and he was like "okay let's do it right now".

Yeah, okay!

This was probably the least painful tattoo I've ever gotten. It took less than ten minutes and is on my side shin-ish area.  I like the way it interacts with the ghost tattoo I'll tell you about later. It kind of looks like the person getting ground is turning into the ghost.

Anyway this was a total spur of the moment tattoo and I love it.


Here's a bonus photo Ryan took of me taking that photo. hahahahaha I'm such a graceful swan of a woman.

 If you're in Edmonton go get an alligator tattoo at Dave at Showdown Tattoo, he's an awesome guy.

Link up your tattoo posts here!

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