Friday, 1 August 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part Seven - my chest - bee and poppies

There's me, pleased as all hell after starting a chestpiece. This one came about because, well, I wanted my chest tattooed. At the time Colin Wiley worked at Tattoo Zoo and I ever so casually asked him one day if I could, you know, get my entire chest tattooed by him. And he said yes!

My job is the best. 

All I knew was I wanted something pretty, and had a vague idea that flowers and bees should be involved. At first I thought I'd get two bees, one on either side, and a big flower in the middle, but he liked the idea of an illustrative style bee in the center. Yup, sounded good to me. He then made me choose a particular flower and I didn't really care that much so I just flipped through a horticulture book until I found something I thought looked nice. Turns out it was poppies. So I showed him and he drew this awesome thing.

We finished it in four sessions, usually just a few hours at a time before work, we'd both show up at 8 in the morning. Thinking back, that's pretty fucking amazing of him to do that for me. What a guy.

Anyway this was when my awesome camera was working great, so I got shots of every stage of the tattoo.

1. Outline.

2. Some of the bee got colored in. . 

 3. More of the bee and all of the left side was finished. You know what hurts surprisingly bad? Getting tattooed on the top of your shoulder. It's waaay more painful than you'd think. And it also feels like you're getting tattooed way up on your neck. Nerves do weird things when you're getting tattooed sometimes.

Sorry for the watermark, I was feeling paranoid about putting tattoos on the internet at this point.

4. The entire thing done. 

I absolutely love this tattoo, it's one of my favorites. I am so stoked to have something so beautiful in such a cool place. It's been, I don't know, four years or so since we finished it and I still feel just as proud to show it off as the first day after we finished it.

Do you have a chestpiece? Link to it here, I want to see!

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