Friday, 22 August 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part ten - rib dots and patterns

Another recent one! 

I'm counting this all as one huge tattoo rather than three separate tattoos because it's all connected now. 


A while ago now my boss mister Gerry Kramer, tattoo champion, agreed to give me a mandala tattoo made completely of black dots. At first I thought I'd get it on my elbow or around some of my arm tattoos to kind of fill in some space. But then I thought "hey, what about my entire side instead?"

And somehow he said yes to that idea. And this piece came about.


We did the upper under-boob mandala bit first. It took somewhere around an hour and a half or two hours I think? I don't quite remember because it hurt so bad I must have completely blocked it from my memory. Seriously.

I have seen probably two hundred or more people get their ribs tattooed over the years. I knew what I was getting myself into. But at the same time I thought pretty highly of myself and my pain tolerance.

Yeah. I ... was wrong. It's like no other tattoo I've ever gotten. But afterwards I was sooooo happy with the way it turned out. It's beautiful and frames everything so nicely. And dots heal super easily too so that was a bonus.


Part 2 happened in two sessions. It's HUGE.

The first sitting was around three hours and the second was around two I think. For the most part it was just normal-tattoo painful, but I have a lot of stretchmarks in that area which I think made Gerry's job more difficult than it normally would have been, and it definitely hurt a fuckload more getting those bits tattooed. I'm not sure about the science behind it but getting tattooed over scar tissue and stretchmarks just KILLS.

Here I am showing it off like a weirdo.  It's a full circle that goes right down all the way to the top of my thigh.


I ended up putting off the third installment of this tattoo for a few months because I was having health issues in my stomach/abdomen area and honestly I don't trust the cleanliness of doctors' offices and hospitals. So I didn't want to have some nurse prodding around a fresh tattoo, potentially infecting me with who knows what.

I finally booked myself in for this past Tuesday afternoon. And wow. Um, this thing hurt worse than any other tattoo I've ever gotten. And it took us four hours to get through it. Four intense crazy hours.

I definitely lost my cool at the end of it all, I was swearing, sighing, breathing loudly, whining ... and then apologizing for it. Yeah. Not my proudest moment, that's for sure. Luckily Gerry is so good at blocking it all out. I think he called it "sociopathing through it", meaning he just acts like he doesn't care how much he's hurting somebody and just gets it done. Which, as the person being tattooed, I really appreciate. If he had stopped every time I said anything it would have taken like 89 hours to finish.

The moment it was done I looked in the mirror and said "It was so worth it!"

Isn't it beautiful???

I'm sooooo into it. There are a couple things Gerry said he'd like to do, like adding some black shading behind the lower mandala and maybe some other things, but we will have to wait until I'm brave enough to get back into it.

As painful as it was, I love the way it looks so much I'll probably do the other side at some point.

Any of you have your ribs tattooed? How was it for you?

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