Friday, 29 August 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part eleven - my right knee

Photos taken from Gerry's instagram the day I got tattooed. 

I'm just going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the various photo sizes in this post, I took all the pictures from different sources and  it's just too much work to change them all at this point. No thanks. So yeah, onto the tattoo post.

I really wanted knee roses, asked my boss Gerry if I could get them and he said yes. My plan at first was to get them both done on the same day. 

Um. No.

Not a chance in hell.

You know what's really cool and weird about a kneecap tattoo? It stretches a LOT when you bend your leg. So something like this rose, for example. When my leg is straight it looks like it would take maybe an hour and a half tops to do, it's a bit larger than palm-sized. But bend my knee and suddenly it's a three and a half hour tattoo. It's huge! And it did end up taking three and a half hours.

It hurt a lot at some points. Not where you'd think though. The actual kneecap bits weren't that bad, the worst was the leaves on the sides. They killed! The kneecap bit was weird, I could feel it moving around in there as he stretched the skin, yuck. And my leg wasn't cooperating in the staying still department. Every once in a while I'd find it automatically straightening itself out. I blamed the reflex reaction to being touched in that spot under the knee but who knows. 

So I made it through the tattoo ... but what you never think about is the healing. Word to the wise: if you're planning on tattooing your knees you should take a couple days off work afterward.

Dear lord this was the worst thing to heal. It swelled up insanely huge. To the point where I couldn't sleep and when I stood up in the morning and all the blood rushed into it I cried. And oh boy did it bruise. I'm a big bruiser when it comes to tattoos in general so it's no surprise. But still. 

Here are some photos from the day I got this tattoo. 

I got home and took some ibuprofin and kept my leg up for a few hours still wrapped up. 


You can see the swelling starting up in the next couple photos. These were taken just after I showered and got all the plasma and crud off the tattoo.

 And here are some from the next day. Check out the difference in knee size! Yikes.

And a nice one of it a few days later, all dry and gross for good measure. Getting tattooed is not pretty.

And you probably have seen 45 million photos of this thing healed, I absolutely love my knee tattoos. I'll show you the other one next week.

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