Saturday, 2 August 2014

Life lately. It's all about work.

I find that when I'm busy in life I lose all my creative impulse. I need time and quiet to nurture that spark into a flame, and working every. single. day. certainly has put a damper on any creativity I may have had, and that includes any free writing on this blog. I've been dutifully preparing all the features; link posts, tattoo posts, reading posts, etc. I don't know though, you all aren't missing much. My life has been all buses and working. Today is day 12 of a 13 day stretch, then I get Monday off and then I'm working 14 in a row.

Feast or famine. That's how my financial life always goes. So I better enjoy the feast while it lasts.

I've been learning a new position at the college over the past few weeks because the regular guy who does it is going on holidays and nobody wanted to cover for him I guess. Except me. I will learn the entire college if it eventually gets me into that coveted union. So anyway I've done all the training which, shall we say, was minimal. I know the verrrry basics of what he does. I think?

The college has two separate campuses, and I was heavily counting on being able to call the guy at the other campus when anything weird came up (as things are wont to do in a counterintuitive computer system) ... buuuuut he's sick. Um...he better be back on Tuesday when I start working alone doing a job that affects the availability of textbooks to the over 18 thousand students, yo. That's a lot of textbooks, I tell you what.

Anyway so I'm pretty stoked, actually to have an entire warehouse to myself. I have a college email now and am totally fancy.


I keep getting called in at the last minute to work at the other college campus (the one with the sick shipper receiver) as a cashier/tuition and fees payment taker too. The joys of being a casual employee, you're constantly being surprised by morning phone calls asking "Can you work today? ___ called in sick." 


I'm also trying to work five days a week at the tattoo shop but the next couple weeks I've got some half days and the other gal covering me while I'm at the college. I find that I really miss those guys when I'm away from the shop for more than a few days. Tattoo Zoo is seriously like my second home and my second family. Love those dudes.

We hired a new girl from Vancouver recently, and we've got a guest artist coming next week for ten days as well, so that place is hopping. And one of the guys is getting married this coming week which will be awesome. They are both artists and instead of registering for kitchen gifts or whatever people normally do they asked for money to help pay for their honeymoon and gift certificates to art supply stores.


So that's what's been on my mind basically ... a lot of work things. Counting travel time (which I do because taking the bus is work to me) it's been 60 hour work weeks with no days off at all.

Sometimes I find it incredible how much trust each of these places has been putting in me. They're letting me handle thousands of tuition dollars, take care of an entire department, have complete and total access to an entire tattoo shop ... it feels good to know that there's something about me that allows for employers to give me access to so much of their businesses.

Anyway. I know it's boring and nobody really cares about all that but me, but I just wanted to check in and say hi and this is where I've been. There are a few things I have queued up in my head that I want to write about but just need to find the time inspiration.

Here's an instagram collage of photos of me asking Tank if he wants a treat and then him rolling over to get said treat.

What have you been up to lately? How's your work treating you?

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