Tuesday, 23 September 2014

a girl and her dog

 Here is Tank drooling on my leg for my breakfast.

 Here is me late for work waiting for my bus on Saturday.

 Here is Tank doing his guard dog duties.

Selfieeeee from last night. 

As if having a busted neck isn't bad enough, now poor old Tankaroo has inflamed nose/eye folds. It's taking a lot of extra care to get them back to normal, he lost all the hair inside there, and he's constantly rubbing his face on the couch and his paws, which makes it worse. 

Being a bulldog is hard work, you guys. 

As for me, my nose folds are fine. I'm just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out if I get the contract for the job I've already been doing for six weeks at the college. The posting comes down at the end of today. Everybody thinks it's very likely I'll get it, so much so that they're already planning my cashier schedule around the job in writing, but still. I've gotten my hopes up before and had 'em smashed to bits so yeah. We'll see.

And that's life. Ryan had a birthday on Sunday. The kid* started middle school yesterday (the teachers were on strike until then, it's a whole thing) AND he got his red belt in karate yesterday too, it was a pretty good day for him.

*I hate calling him that on here but I doubt he'd want his name broadcasted all over the internet.

That's all. I just basically wanted to share some of my instagram selfies and dog pics. I really can't wait 'til I get a real camera again and won't have to post blurry photos from my cracked iPod. Soooooon I hope.

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