Friday, 5 September 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part twelve - my left knee

So like you must have seen last week, I got a red rose on my right knee from my boss Gerry Kramer with the intention of getting both done at the same time. About one second into the first one we both decided I should probably only do the one.

Oh, did I mention Gerry just drew these on me? There was no stencil at all, just sharpies. Anyway so I finished the red one, and as soon as it was healed I went back for the other one. It was really quick, just two or three weeks between appointments.

You can see it in the first photo, I cut myself shaving that morning. Woops. Luckily it wasn't too bad so we could still do the tattoo with no problems. Here's a tip, especially for dudes or ladies who aren't used to shaving themselves: let the tattooer do it for you because if you cut yourself badly they can't do the tattoo. Not that I'm saying I'm a lady who isn't used to shaving her legs. I'll go up to mid-thigh if I have to wear shorts! But still ... if you do it yourself be careful!

Bahaha reading the comments on the final photo. Mikel (tattoosangha) worked with us at the time and saw how I was walking a few days after getting my other knee tattooed. I was limping around like a huge baby for days.

Same with this one. But it was absolutely worth it. Look how gorgeous my knees are now!! 

I love them.They are some of my favorite tattoos.

Any of you have your knees tattooed?

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