Friday, 12 September 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part thirteen - what?

This is just kind of a joke tattoo... pretty self explanatory. I wanted some script behind my ear and thought it would be funny if it said "what?" I got this from Cody Walsh when he worked at Tattoo Zoo.

The worst thing about getting a tattoo behind your ear is how loud the machine sounds! And someone has to be like, folding your ear out of the way.

Oh, and see how much hair is shaved around the tattoo? That's because I thought I could just shave the area myself. I grabbed a disposable razor and just started hacking away, like "I'm helping!" but I couldn't see what I was doing at all and ended up shaving way too much hair. Whoopsie.

I didn't care, I had kind of a hackjob haircut at the time anyway.

I always always always forget I have this tattoo. I can't see it at all unless it's in a photo of me from the side with my hair up.

Any of you have a tattoo behind your ear?

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