Friday, 19 September 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part fourteen - sister sister

My oldest little sister came to visit me in Victoria a few years ago and we decided to get matching tattoos. We've had this stupid inside joke about the '90s TV show Sister Sister, I don't even know why or where it started but we would sing the theme song to each other. 

Anyway after a very quick look through some Sailor Jerry flash books at my work we decided to go for the classic hearts and banners thing. I got mine from Cody Walsh who used to work at Tattoo Zoo with me, and she got hers from Gerry my boss.

Here's a gross picture of my tattoo after it was just finished. We kept it unbandaged for a bit because Gerry wanted to make sure his looked the same as the one Cody did. Aaaand all that moisture you see is plasma coming out of my skin. Ew!

Here are a few shots I got of my sister getting hers done on her ankle. I don't know why Gerry looks 85 in the last picture, he's actually a very young looking 40-something. haha

And here is a blurry shitty photo of them side by side after we finished. Mine has more yellow in it but other than that they look really similar. Every time she posts a photo of her legs on instagram or facebook and I see this tattoo it warms my heart a little bit.

Do you have matching tattoos with anybody? 


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