Friday, 26 September 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part fifteen - armpit flying money

This little flying dollar bill is a Sailor Jerry flash piece that means a lot to me. I got it years ago from Gerry my boss. Actually I even remember the year, 2007, because I got it just before I temporarily quit Tattoo Zoo to go to school in Mexico.

Everybody in the tattoo shop "family" got one that year, and the tradition has continued ever since. There's probably ten or fifteen of us who have them by now.

Why did I get mine in my armpit? Well I couldn't think of any small-ish spaces I wanted it and I didn't want to take up a space where I could fit a larger tattoo in the future. I was also really curious about what having an armpit tattoo would be like.

Turns out it's very sweaty and swells up a lot. Gross, I know. Gross for me and for Gerry too I think. Luckily it was a really quick one, it only took like ten minutes. And that's the story of the armpit dollar.

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