Saturday, 13 September 2014

Right now

Ryan and the kids are out at a music festival all weekend and I'm just at home watching the third episode in a row of the reality TV show Utopia. It's terrible but great reality television that I can't stop watching. You know how it is.

I've been on a real reality TV kick lately I am not proud to say. Between this, Hotel Hell, Masterchef and Undercover Boss I am starting to feel ashamed of myself.

So I haven't written much lately, and for good reason. My life is boring! And I've been too busy and tired to un-boring it. I worked 22 days in a row, had a day off then worked 8 days in a row, had another day off and now I'm doing 6 days a week. I've begun to insist I get Wednesdays off so this doesn't keep happening.

Here are some of my latest instagram pics. You can see, other than taking a bit of time to paint I've done nothing but wait for buses, have long hair, go to work and look at my dog.

Seriously though, just look at that mermaid hair. I'm so happy I chose to grow it out. When it's all washed and wavy I feel so pretty!

So um ... what's new with you?

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