Friday, 26 September 2014 birthday's coming up

If I could get anything for my birthday I'd want...
  • A gift certificate towards a Royal Roads University continuing studies course. They've got some really cool sounding writing courses this term.
  • Brightly solid-colored ankle socks like these. I also love these. I have black pants and black shoes and grey pants and black shoes, I need a pop of color inbetween them. It's very important. 
  • Drop-in passes for the gym near my house. 
  • Watercolor paper. 
  • A new camera. Nothing ridiculous, just a point and shoot that takes super amazing high quality photos, and that I can keep in my bag and doesn't need to have its own camera bag and accessories and weigh 20 pounds.  Oh and the battery life has to last more than 250 pictures please! I like these 2:

I'm actually more into the Nikon than the Canon I think. But, you know, they're both great.
  • Someone to take me to get all my old film developed (and pay for it, since I'm asking for gifts). I have weird anxiety around going to a photo place and telling them I want prints made. No idea why. 
  • Cheesecake please. Just plain cheesecake with some berry sauce on top.  Oh, and some olive tapenade. Not together with the cheesecake obviously.
  • Someone to take me to the Viking exhibit at the Royal BC Museum before it leaves.
  • A car, please.  Listen, I know it's not going to happen unless I work and save and work some more to get one but imagine if I didn't spend 3-4 hours per day 6 days a week on the bus! Dudes. That's 18-24 more hours a week I'd have to ... well, who knows what I'd do?! My self esteem would rise and my anxiety would lessen because I wouldn't constantly be stared and and talked to by weirdos. My life would actually be totally different. Just because I had one new possession. Okay I convinced myself. I need a car.

You know what I want most of all? If I could choose anything? A Mini. I'm not even joking.

Check out that website, you can build your own car and it calculates the price for you. This is what I made. It's a roadster in slate grey with only *some* bells and whistles, thank you very much. I'm not a maniac but I do want good music, okay?

  •  Paladium glow in the dark boots. Size 7.5 please. You guys I need glowing boots for safety! Winter is coming and I will be walking in rainy grey dismal days across busy streets with low visibility. It's for my own good!

  •  cool patches to put on my back pack. Here are a few I like. The outside 2 are from Glamour Kills and the middle one is from Best Made.
  • This sweatsuit from Drop Dead. Oh. My. God. Yes. Ryan wants this too, so maybe get us each a set and we can be literally the dorkiest couple you have ever seen. I'm probably a size large in this brand.


A million vacations and plane tickets. I've got a case of Wanderlust like mad lately. I haven't left this island in way too long! I'd like to go all around Northern Europe, Iceland, Berlin, Argentina, Tokyo ... ah, wherever, actually. Somewhere I've never been before.

Or you can just wish me a happy birthday on Oct. 7 via Twitter or Instagram! I'll be 32, so say it 32 times.

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