Monday, 27 October 2014

Don't set your sights too high. Or do. What do I know?

As some of you probably remeber, the youngest kid, the 12 year old, is in karate. He's been going five days a week (whenever his schedule allows for it) for over a year. He is committed, and working so hard.

Well anyway a few months ago he came home with a newsletter saying there was a tournament happening soon and one of the prizes for best kata in all the age groups was going to be a trophy. Not just a medal but an actual trophy. The kid had stars in his eyes, talking about how he couldn't wait to have a trophy, getting Ryan to come into his dojo to look at the trophies and saying things like "this is the one I'm gonna get", stuff like that.

I was starting to get worried. He kicked ass at the last tournament but he was in the beginner class that time. Now he's an intermediate, as a red belt. I tried to manage his expectations ... gently. I said all the cliche things; it's all about having fun, it doesn't matter if you win or lose bla bla bla. He said "I know" every time, but kept up with the extreme optimism.

On Saturday I had to work, and so Ryan and the kid went down to the tournament. I got a text a few hours later saying that there were no other intermediate level kids the same age, so he was placed with the advanced group, ages 14-16. Oh. Shit.

Shit shit shit.

Now he was competing with actual black belts. What the fuck.

But guess what.

His kata won the motherfucking advanced trophy! And he placed in both sparring events as well.

So the moral of the story is ... I guess don't let your dad's girlfriend talk you out of being super confident because it's possible that you'll literally beat up black belts.

The end.

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