Friday, 3 October 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part sixteen - blood summoner

My little wobbly ghost tattoo was inspired by the logo of a WWII American army tactical deception called the "Ghost Army". They were artists, architects, actors and special effects experts in the army who came up with crazy deceptions like using inflatable tanks, fake radio broadcasts and more to fool the Germans into thinking they were outnumbered/outmatched.

Read more about them here. Apparently a documentary about them just came out in 2013 too!

Anyway one day I was reading about them and thought what they did was pretty hilarious and cool, and then I saw their logo and thought it would make a good tattoo. I didn't want an American army symbol tattooed on me though so I had it changed from lightning bolts to blood drops.

Kyle Carter did this tattoo, it took all of fifteen minutes probably, it's pretty small on my ankle.

I call it the "blood summoner" because to me it looks like the drops are going up to his hand, not coming out of it if that makes sense.

The funny thing about this tattoo now is I got that meat grinder right beside it, and it kind of looks like the ghost goes with the grinder. I'll show you what I mean.

Right? There's a person's hand ... then a bloody ghost right beside it? Anyway I like that it was a coincidence that they're beside each other but they interact so well.

So that's the story of the "blood summoner" ghost tattoo.

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