Thursday, 16 October 2014

I'm fine, I'm fine, ohhhh god I'm sweating

I managed to not get sick for over a year and it was just great, you guys. I'd like to credit all my hand washing and not touching my face too much, because dudes, I have come in contact with a lot of people in that year. Working two jobs with the public, touching money, taking multiple buses every day, living with kids... I did pretty good!

But then I worked really hard for a couple months, and had a lot of stressful things and unknowns, so this week, once I finally decided to only work five days a week, once I got the job I had been working for, once I realized I am going to be fine financially this entire winter, I told myself "hey self, you can relax a bit" and BOOM, instantly sick.

It's just a sinus thing, just a head cold, but OH MY GOD BEING SICK SUUUUCKS.

I was lucky that yesterday when it hit me I had the day off, so I got to do this all day, watching the X-Files.

But today my alarm went off at 5am and, terrible ungodly headache or not, I had to get up. And now, sneezing and coughing and wiping my nose on my pj t-shirt sleeve (what, I'm going to get dressed in the next five minutes, don't have a cow), I have to get it together and get ready for a day of strategy, meetings and trying not to be disgusting in a shared offices space. 

So, in conclusion, feel sorry for me. I think I have a fever.

The end.

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