Friday, 31 October 2014

pumpkin carving

I decided to try a Halloween Mr.Burns and Flanders. They turned out ... okay. You can tell what they're supposed to be I guess. I accidentally cut through a few supporting structural pumpkin areas on Flanders though, and the bottom of his eye and the top of his mustache both broke off. And you can't really see it in my photos but Mr. Burns' entire top jaw broke off while I was trying to clean off the gunk from the outside of the pumpkin before putting a candle in it. I pinned it back on but I was SO MAD.

Guess you need actual carving tools to do fancy designs properly. I was using a swiss army knife!

The kid did the Mr. Boogey or whatever that guy's name is from the Nightmare Before Christmas. And Ryan's is hard to see in the dark but in regular light it's awesome. He made his pumpkin into one of those candy dispenser machines. He's hoping to make some coin this Halloween! Ha.
We had fun, that's all that matters, right?

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