Saturday, 4 October 2014

Reading in 2014 - Book 28 - Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Well, I did it. I made it through this book. The funniest thing about reading books on an e-reader is you have no idea how HUGE a book is. Like, you can see the page numbers but it doesn't really compute, whereas if I had been lugging around this monster in paper form I would have known what I was getting into.

This book is on tons of people's top ten lists, best book lists, whatever. I've heard of it a billion times, and so I finally decided to give it a try. It's good.

I wouldn't call it AMAZING but perhaps I am too old to be reading it. I feel the same way about Shantaram as I do about On The Road by Kerouac. It would be absolutely inspirational to a 19 year old dude trying to find himself.

Of course nothing about the main character...or any of the characters, to be honest, should inspire anybody. The main guy is an escaped convict from New Zealand (and a heroin addict) who runs away to Bombay, and the book is about his criminal life in India. His friends are mainly mafia types and drug dealers, murderers and thieves. Apparently some of the book is based on events that actually happened to the author, so that makes it pretty insane, actually. I didn't know that when I was reading it.

Some parts had me wide-eyed in anticipation, some parts had me totally upset, some parts I couldn't (digitally) turn the pages fast enough. Some parts were so weird and funny I had to go into the living room and tell Ryan and the kid about it.

Note: People never like it when you do that. haha

I kind of feel like around halfway through I was getting weary of reading the saaaame book. Like maybe this book could have been split into three or four books. A LOT of stuff happens to this guy.

But yeah. If you like adventure novels full of really interesting characters, if you like reading about India, if you don't get overwhelmed with 900+ page books, give this one a shot. I give it a 7.5/10

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