Sunday, 19 October 2014

some of my favorite tattoo artists on instagram

This is my profile, um so if you like pictures of dogs and my shoes this is where you should go.

My instagram feed is probably 70% tattooers at this point. It's nice to scroll through and just see beautiful piece after beautiful piece. And some of the stuff these guys are doing just blow my freaking mind. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite artists right now so you all can follow them and see good tattoos in your feed as well.

I'll pick out a few of my favorite recent photos from each of their profiles and you can see what I mean.




And, well, there are many many more amazing tattooers out there on instagram but that's probably enough for one day, don't you agree? I swear, this is only a fraction of them that I follow...and then the rest is basically people with cute dogs and cats. So I have the best feed ever.

I purposely didn't put anybody local so as not to seem biased but I also work with some fantastic artists down at ye olde tat shop, and this city has tons of great tattooers. 

In fact, I got tattooed today by miss Caroline Paquet.

Just some filler flowers on my elbow but still, yay! I'm so stoked about them. 

They are beautiful! :)

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