Saturday, 22 November 2014


Today is my dad's birthday, and seeing as I am completely flat-broke all the time somehow I thought I would draw him a picture. This is his dog, Billie.  


This was literally the only photo I could find of her online. Wearing glasses. Okay then, I guess I'm painting a picture of a dog wearing glasses. Why not?

The first thing I did was make the picture black and white, because I thought I was just going to use those greyscale Copic markers to make this. 

Buuuuut as you can see ... it did not work out so well. 


I mean, it's not TERRIBLE but look at those dead lifeless eyes. Just ... no.

So I got really frustrated for a bit and then decided, hey, since it's already totally ugly maybe I should just try and fix it with some white paint. And so I did. And then I added some grey paint and some black and suddenly I liked it again. 

Good old paint.

The flash on my camera made the white paint seem like it is glowing blue in these photos, not sure why. It doesn't look like that in real life. But anyway here's the finished product.

Pretty close, right? 

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