Saturday, 1 November 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part twenty - heavy walking Cooper

This is a text I got from my friend Chris Hold while I was at work on Monday about a tattoo he drew up for me.

This one actually has a bit of a story to it:

Whenever there's a concert or a show Ryan and I want to see, it almost always seems to be happening downtown Vancouver. And Chris and his wife Sarah are the nicest people in the universe and invariably let us crash on their couch/floor area in their place. Even if they're not around, they'll just hand us the keys, no worries.

It's amazing.

Anyway they have two kitties. I can't remember the one cat's name because it just hides under the bed the entire time we're around, but the other little guy, Cooper, is a delight. She's very small and cute and friendly, but the way she walks it sounds like a 200lb man is running around the house.

It's insane how heavy this cat's footsteps are. And when you're trying to sleep in the living room (aka the cat's nighttime playhouse) it sounds even louder.

So over time Cooper has become somewhat of an inside joke between Ryan and I, and Chris too.

Chris came to guest spot at Tattoo Zoo for a few days this week and I've known the fricking guy since he apprenticed here in Victoria years ago, and only have one tiny little tattoo from him, from when he was still learning. So I immediately emailed him and got myself an appointment.

I couldn't think of what to get from him, but on Sunday night Ryan said "You should get his loud-walking cat with thunder feet or something" and Chris was into it, so yep. That's what I got!


Unfortunately I am in the position of actually kind of running out of room, and most of the "easy" spaces are gone. So ...


Yeah. Another tattoo going into the back of my knee. YOU GUYS it hurts so much back there. I tried to play it cool but jesus christ. Seriously.


My friend/boss Sarah even took a video for the Tattoo Zoo instagram. 

UGH Even watching it makes me cringe and want to barf.
A video posted by Tattoo Zoo (@tattoozoodotnet) on

But now it looks soooo good!!! I'm still healing it which is tough in the bendy parts of your body, but it's going great. I love my new Cooper tattoo. :)


While he was here he also tattooed potatoes on a friend of mine, and a coffee maker on Caroline (who did my elbow tattoo last week!)

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