Friday, 14 November 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part twenty two - sad tooth

A few years ago I had a minor dental issue that ended up with me thinking I was going in to get a lump on my gums checked out and instead having an emergency extraction. When it was all over I guess I thought I'd get this to ... commemorate the experience? Whatever, it was a good excuse to get a tooth tattoo.

 Here's a super gross healing picture of it. This is normal for me. I usually have a day or two of nasty peely tattoo. And then it all comes away in the shower and everything's fine.

This was another one of those super quick tattoos I got during a slow day at work. Gerry Kramer did it. Aaaaaand I can't find a single picture of it healed except this crappy blurry one so here you go. Just believe me, it looks good.

So that's the story of my tiny sad tooth on my leg.

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