Saturday, 8 November 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part twenty one - hand and beetle on my thigh.

 Half-done instagram.

I was lucky enough to get an appointment with the man Eckel himself! I didn't even really care what I got from him because I knew whatever it was would be amazing.

The way I ended up with this design was ... well I flipped through one of his sketchbooks and chose a thing I thought was cool. A beetle. Then he asked if he could put a hand holding the beetle and I was like "of course you can!" and that was that, basically.

I showed up for my appointment and loved the drawing and we did it in one shot. It was pretty quick, maybe four hours or so I think. Now, listen to my words of wisdom. No matter how many people tell you that thigh tattoos don't hurt they are wrong and they are liars. They HURT. A lot. The inner thigh wing was bruuuu-tal. I might be more sensitive there than a lot of people maybe? I don't know. But it was the worst.

Totally worth it of course, and yes, I will end up putting more and more tattoos there, probably soon. So I guess it wasn't that bad. But still. Take my advice and ignore those "thigh tattoos are easy" people.


  There were all kinds of friends around that day, and my tattoo was well-documented. I took screenshots of all the instagrams I was in.

 And here's a picture of it after I unwrapped it and gave it a good wash in the shower. It's a little bruised and red in this picture.

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous??

But that's nothing. You want to see some bruises?? This was the day after. I mean come on, me. Really, leg? It's a bit overkill. (Please ignore the Rolling Stones boxer shorts.)

I also managed to get a bit of an infection in the inner-thigh wing while healing this which was SO painful. It didn't heal for weeks. It was awful. And of course I felt terrible about it, because it ended up healing a bit rough..

I think what happened was that directly after I got tattooed, rather than going home and babying it as I should have, I put pretty tight jeans on (over the bandage) and went out for dinner, then took the bus and walked home. I blame the jeans.

Anyway I ended up having to get touch ups about a year later and I felt terrible about it. Sorry Eckel! Anyway, it's perfect now. Hooray!


You can buy some of his books and prints here.

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