Saturday, 1 November 2014

on participating, even when you don't get it

 My transformation from bitch to witch in one easy step! 


Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween and I love costumes and all that. But when I received an email last week telling me that I had to be a witch at work on Friday I was less than impressed. I wanted to be a taco, damnit. I wasn't super keen on somebody telling me how to dress.

I am new to this world though and didn't want to rock any boats so I hit the costume shop and bought a three dollar witch hat that turned out to be way too small, but whatever. It was kind of cute. 

So I wore some stripy socks and a stripy shirt and my witches hat, and tried to get my hair to look extra witchy, and off I went to work. 

Well dang, everybody, and I mean seriously everybody in every department at the campus I was working at was fully dressed up to the nines. Each department had a theme. Ours was witches. Another one was mad scientists. Another one was crazy doctors. Another was creepy clowns. You get the idea. 

It was actually really cool, and although not an official competition, we all went around checking out how everyone else did. The mad scientists even had their room darkened and looking like a laboratory. It was pretty awesome. 

And I realized what a dick I would have felt like if I hadn't tried at all, or showed up in my taco costume. 

There was a photo booth, and all the witches crowded into it. This was my favorite one of me in the bunch, ha. 

We all piled out of there afterwards, laughing and having a great time and an exchange student approached us shyly and asked if she could have her photo taken with us.  So we gathered around her looking spooky and her friend snapped the photo. Then he asked if he could take one too. We said sure...and then another person asked. And another. And another. We were photo props for about ten minutes straight!

I also had my photo taken by a very official looking guy with a nice camera so I'm afraid I might end up on the school website or newspaper soon. Oops.

So anyway, my point is that you should do dorky things when you're invited, because they usually end up being pretty fun.

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