Friday, 7 November 2014

reasoning with wild animals

The rains have come finally. I guess it is November, what else would I expect? Last night it was so windy and the rain blew so sideways that only my face and my knees got wet walking home.

But this year it's not getting me down.

I've got plans and things to look forward to. This weekend, a kid visit. Next week, an extra day off with pay. The next weekend, an evening with mother fucking John Cleese. The next weekend, a super quick flight to Calgary with Ryan to see my family. And then it's nearly December and Christmas.

I've also joined some things. I joined the gym again. I joined up with NaNoWriMo and although I'm falling behind by a few thousand words I'm optimistic that I can keep the momentum going this time. I will hit fifty thousand words by the end of the month.

The secret, I've found, is if you're like me and get bored of your own story halfway through, have multiple narrators. I am currently switching between four completely different characters and it's so much easier to write this way. You get stuck with somebody? Just end the chapter and move on to somebody else.

I also enjoy reading books that are written this way so I hope it turns out well.


Here are some deer I saw in my front yard on Wednesday. They're so used to us they don't even care if you walk right by them. I think the sound of my camera was confusing them though.

These are "our" deer. There's also a buck who used to be small but he's really turned into a man lately, with a huge rack and everything. Our little boy is growing up so quickly. *sob*

I'm worried about these guys. The trees they live in are currently being bulldozed to build more walmarts or superstores or what have you. Where are they going to go? I wish I could tell them they could live in our yard and we wouldn't bother them. Don't you wish you could reason with wild animals sometimes?

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