Monday, 15 December 2014

dollar SCORE

If there is an immigrant-owned dollar store anywhere in my vicinity, especially one that carries Engrish-laden notebooks and colored contact lenses in weird science-lab looking bottles, I am SO there.

I actually briefly checked this store out about a year ago, found some totally copyright UNcompliant Simpsons pens from Korea, and for whatever reason did not buy them. And I've thought about them ever since.

Well yesterday was my lucky day. We were in the neighborhood and I insisted we go. And they were STILL there. It's one of those places people shop unironically, they wouldn't know a good Simpsons knockoff if it kicked them in the teeth.

I bought *almost* all the Simpsons pens. I left a couple, along with vague directions, on my instagram. I know a couple people who are as Simpsons crazy as I am, so I'm hoping they follow the clues and score the rest.

These are so great. The little Mickey Mouse ears on the top are the clicker things to make the pen come out. But it ALSO has a mechanical pencil in there. A pen AND a pencil together! Wow.

These ones are just straight up mechanical pencils. 

I also grabbed some Looney Tunes mechanical pencils and got the kid an entire art set because he's been expressing an interest in drawing lately and I need a drawing friend who is at my level. haha

But the piece du resistance is the day planner I found. I don't even need one yet, but it's the kind that you write your own dates in anyway so I can use it any time.

Look at this mystery. First of all, it's in French. And who the heck is TTOMA? This is all I could find and it doesn't answer any questions at all. But it is pretty cute.

Anyway it's basically the perfect day planner. It has a full calendar at the beginning of each month, then a week at a glance. It even has a monthly budget section...which is in English? I don't get it. Plus all those weird cats everywhere. And inspirational quotes in French. Fantastic.

All this for under $20.

Anyone else love a good dollar store haul?

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